This year I made three resolutions effective on January 1st, 2012:

1. Creative discipline
2. Self-sufficiency
3. Eliminate all things that have outlived their usefulness.

It’s now three months into 2012 and it feels good to know that I have been staying true to my personal commitments. Of course, Aphelion Blog ties in nicely with resolution number one. I’ve had the idea of creating a blog in the back of my mind for quite some time since I began my radio show, The Ecliptic, with Garron Ballard, in August of 2011 and just recently, as the Sun travels through the sign of Pisces ♓, has this event come into fruition accompanied by a torrent of inspiration and creativity.

I want this blog will serve as an outlet for my many hobbies and professional endeavors including but not limited to:

Astrology | Graphic Design | Music | Photography | Creative Writing | Technology | Science | Sci Fi

As an astrologer, I love to look at natal charts, so here is the chart for the moment Aphelion Blog was created. I quite like this chart for a number of reasons including:

  • Aquarian ♒ Ascendant (progressive and intellectual )
  • Neptune ♆ rising with Chiron ⚷, Pallas ⚴, and the Sun ☉! (creative power pocket)
  • Chart rulers Uranus ♅ and Saturn ♄ are in Houses II (money, talent, and inner values) and IX. ( meaning, higher learning, publishing)
  • Transiting Uranus ♅ and Mercury ☿ are conjunct in pioneering Aries ♈, and also conjunct my natal Venus ♀ at 0 Aries ♈. (wonderful for initiation and mental activity)
  • Moon ☾ in depth-oriented Scorpio ♏ Trine the Sun  in Pisces ♓. (I came up with the words profundity in perspective before I even realized this.)
  • Venus ♀and Jupiter ♃ conjunct in aesthetically focused Taurus ♉ (artistic, espansive, and beautiful)
  • Mars ♂ in Virgo ♍ (Technical and industrious)
  • Grand Trine in Earth Signs (Solid and Practical)

As an astrologer who often examines these charts, I tend to wonder what a human being would be like if they were born at a beautiful moment like this!