Pisces Ingress – Traversing the Transpersonal

Aerial view of foggy coastline“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Pisces)

I vividly remember the days in which my family didn’t have much. Every Sunday, my mother gave what little income she had as her tithe and offering to God. The rational mind might perceive this act as foreign, but she believed in something greater than herself and it bestowed her with a deep well of strength and inspiration in the face of adversity. This was probably my earliest experience to the principal of faith. I believe that the energy we project into this world is reflected back to us, in the people the meet, the experiences that we encounter, and the opportunities that arise. Sometimes it’s beneficial, albeit difficult for us to relinquish control and submit to forces beyond our control, yet we can uncover hidden strength and perceptions that we may have previously been oblivious to. These are the intricate and elusive lessons of the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac.

On February 18th, at 6:01am CDT, the Sun shifted from rational, humane, and intellectual Aquarius into the watery depths of transcendental, visionary, and otherworldly Pisces. Pisces marks the last leg of our astrological journey through all twelve signs and is the last of the deep, enigmatic and intuitive water signs.

The rationalism, intellectuality, and detachment of Aquarius are counterbalanced with the imagination, subjectivity, and permeability of exceeding sign, Pisces. Archaic astrology books describe Pisces as a sign of gentility, low vitality, and vacillation. However, every evolved Pisces is often acutely aware of forces that exist alongside our own physical realm. Thus, Pisces is truly of the sign of spiritual strength, inspirational artists, and compassionate leaders. Think Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Michelangelo, or Galileo.

Celebrity posing for paparazziI don’t believe that everyone understands the sign of Pisces. Some say that Pisces is a chameleon, containing various qualities of the preceding eleven signs, yet I never fully bought into this. Sure, Pisces is a mutable sign with impressionable tendencies and an affinity for glamor and theatrics. It’s what often draws them to artistic and creative endeavors. Sometimes there can be selfless and sacrificial tendencies; the martyr, but this never accurately depicted a sign that hosts several famous artists, leaders, and inspirational people. After all, it’s not uncommon for Piscean people to be born with planets placed in adjacent signs and Pisces is placed next to Aries, the zodiac’s fiery and independent initiator. The keywords for Pisces are “I Believe”, and they provide insight into the motivations of this complex sign.

“A deeper significance lies in the fact that the fish is a creature of the ocean, which since ancient times has been taken as the symbolic realm of emotional and spiritual energy that lies beneath physical existence, where all is connected and nothing moves without creating a tide of motion that pulls or pushes against another. The sea as the magna mater, the primary source, signifies the boundless essence of soulful creativity and elemental life force from which everything emerges and eventually returns. Fishes, as intrinsic parts of this fertile yet deeply mysterious realm, were regarded as sacred representations of the soul and the spiritual connection that animates society.” [1]

The Pisces Myth – Fluidity and Escapism

diver hovering in mid water observing a school of fishThe Pisces Myth is a simple one. In Greek myth, a monster named Typhon threatens Mount Olympus, Aphrodite and her son Eros were led to safety by two fish.  The fish were later placed in the heavens as the constellation of Pisces. This story contains one key element, which alludes to the nature of Pisces, escapism. Whether it’s through their dreams or imagination, their art, meditation, or more destructive practices like drugs or alcohol, you’ll find Pisces exercising an outlet in which they can release their psychic energy.

The ‘boundless ocean’ represents a very open and fluid environment where instincts reign. Changeable and unpredictable, it lacks structure, control and conformity. So too the Piscean finds it hard to cope with discipline, routine and order. Their emotional capacity gives a strong imagination that often finds expression through escapist tendencies or dreamy, hopeful visions. Capable of great inspiration and idealism, they are often accused of lacking realism and being too trusting in the conviction that the power of belief, hope, or love can transcend all bounds and borders. [1]

Pisces, Jupiter, and Neptune– Faith and the Subconscious

Woman meditating in calm lakeThe symbol of the fish is widely recognized for its association with spiritual principles, which are further emphasized through the twelfth sign’s planetary rulers. The planet, Jupiter has traditional ownership over the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Naturally, both signs often possess a much broader outlook on life and are interested in its meaning. Jupiter provides expansive, moralistic, and idealistic energy but can lead one to lack focus and practicality when obtaining goals.

“…Jupiter struggles to find conscious direction in Pisces, where the emphasis falls upon faith over reason, and freedom of the soul through denial of earthly shackles. Unless a proclivity for self-imposed structure and regulation are suggested by more earthy qualities in the chart, Pisces often wastes its potential by failing to give lasting definition to its latent creativity. It will ‘go with the flow’ and when interest or energy levels drop, so too does application. Pisceans are great starters of projects and initiators of ideas, but they lack the sustained energy that is required to fulfill many of their long term objectives.” [1]

Detail of Neptune Fountain by Bartolomeo Ammannati and Giambologna

Neptune is known as the modern ruler of Pisces and is rightfully so. The mythical god of the sea represents the vast depths of unconditional love, romance, and selflessness that Pisces represents. Neptune is often prominently placed in the charts of my favorite musicians; they truly have the gift to inspire. However, the element of water is highly receptive by environments, and moods. Neptune’s presence is known to erode boundaries in order to provide a greater sense of the collective, the sense that we are all connected.

“…Lacking the hardened shell of Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces has least resistance amongst the water-signs to surrounding impressions, making them almost as responsive to excitement, fear, anticipation, joy, hurt and laughter originated from without as that generated from within. If they see tears they will cry, if they see a smile they will smile back; no other sign is so prone to the infectious nature of human emotion.” [1]

Therefore, it’s often important for your average Pisces to work on establishing boundaries between themselves and chaotic environments or toxic people. Prolonged exposure to negative energy has been known to drive many-a-Piscean into the arms of harmful habits such as drugs and alcohol. Hence, the disillusioned, irrational, and passive escapist that are the lower vibrations of Pisces.

 “Neptune’s principle is dissolution into collectiveness. Although often marvelled as a planet of great spiritual mysticism, mundane astrology accepts that part of its influence is to weaken vital force and strive towards communism, where all are equalled, segregations and barriers are broken down and no one shines brighter than the rest. Neptune can bring depression and Pisceans are known for having low vitality which makes them easy prey to lethargy…” [1]

Pisces and House XII – Material Loss to Spiritual Gain

Looking up at a figure 'supporting' a huge rockThe twelfth and final house of the zodiac is the one that is often least understood. It’s often a space of dissolution, where we are forced to place our egos aside and take a much deeper look inside. It can be a dark night of the soul or our fortress of solitude. The twelfth is the house of karma, self-undoing, hidden enemies, prisons, hospitals, institutions, and monasteries. It can represent a veil of deception or a romantic and transcendental union of soul mates. Planets in this house can also often allude to our own hidden potentials, which we may only be able to recover in a state of reflection and isolation. 

“Draped in the gauzy veils of Neptune and Pisces, the 12th has become an inner dream factory, residence of the collective unconscious, wellspring of symbols and archetypes, favorite haunt of the imagination. It is a house of intuition, compassion and spiritual transcendence. You’re advised to serve here, so that you don’t have to suffer.” [4] 

I experienced a progression of my Sun and Moon through my twelfth house for about two and half years. During this time, I experienced an array of situations, which forced me to relinquish physical control over events in my life to the universe. I dealt with hospitals frequently as I became the primary caretaker of my mother during her battle with brain cancer. I began to enjoy drinking alcohol for the first time, though not too excessively. Towards the end, I really felt confused, like I had lost my sense of personal effectiveness despite my best efforts to establish new opportunities. I believe that the truth of this period was for me to set my ego aside and connect with a greater sense of the universe, and my life. I could either see my experiences as a horrible attempt at victimization, or I could accept what was happening and use it as fuel to transform and propel me. Sure enough, as my progressed moon exited my twelfth house and conducted my first, my life exploded with unfathomable opportunities. My power had returned!

“According to Fernandez, people who have positions of influence or fame will more often have an emphasized 12th house than a strong 10th. Since the 12th house rules both the collective unconscious and the masses, planets here indicate the potential to tune in to what’s popular and have an effect on a wide audience. They may also bear the burden of mass projection, sacrificing the personal life to become a product or symbol…” [4]

Woman holding an orb

During another time as the transiting Sun moved across my twelfth house, I began to doubt pursuing my college major. It was a time of great confusion. However, I took action on my faith that switching would be more beneficial in the long run and I couldn’t have been more right! I’ve received heaps of internship offers and have indeed appeared before the face of the public on many occasions.

Naturally, many great spiritual leaders have been born under the sign of Pisces and with planets in the twelfth house. Consequently, many who have taken their beliefs to an extreme in order to justify hurting others have also. Survive the twelfth house test and uncover your hidden strengths. It’s in the twelfth that people often find themselves in situations outside of their sphere of control and naturally appeal to a higher power. The twelfth is where we can gain a new perspective on the universe and its enormity.

“As a child Paul wasn’t allowed to drift and dream or float in Neptune’s sea; that was the early deprivation of this planet. As a young man Paul served in the military and later went to school for a business career. But in the past ten years I’ve watched him steadily withdraw from worldly concerns to submerge in the Neptunian world of his art. For the past two years he has been so deep in Neptune that he disappears for months at a time. Yet whenever I see him, he is intensely alive. More than anyone I know, Paul lives an artist’s life, completely on artist’s time. He will spend hours catching just the right light for a photograph. He will go days without sleep, living with the characters in his novel as though they were roommates. His 12th house Neptune has become the center of his life. It is the sunken treasure he has been working his whole life to retrieve. It is something truly divine.” [4] 

Pisces vs. Virgo – Formlessness Vs. Form

Pisces and Virgo represent the axis of devotion. These are two signs that derive pleasure from being of service to others.  As an earth sign, Virgo is often concerned with efficiency, detail, and conciseness. Pisces is known for it’s much broader outlook and unconditional acceptance. Virgo and Pisces represent form and formlessness. Both signs are known for their self-contained nature. While Virgo is typically analyzing the material realm and questing for wholeness on earth, Pisces’s mind is alive and rich with imagination. The sign of the fish represents the classic daydreamer.

Artists in studioVirgo and the sixth house represent our daily routines, habits, work, and professional skillset. If we identify too much with the sixth, then we will need the influence of the twelfth to help balance ourselves. This is a classic example of burnout, where stress and pressure in our daily lives might lead us into a sabbatical, or even the hospital. In contrast, if we are deeply rooted in the twelfth, we may fail to cope with the reality of daily life and never truly realize our hidden gifts.

“When you see thirty different things, how can you explain one?  Especially when the chances are that the other person can’t even comprehend what it’s like to see thirty?  And ambivalent emotion – well, that’s equally difficult.  How to explain when you love and hate someone, when they’re ugly and beautiful, when everything shifts and changes, and takes new shape faster than you can say chameleon?  For all these reasons and more, Pisces is an elusive partner.  You take the feelings as they come, and let them go as they go.  Attempting to define and freeze them into structures is a futile exercise.” [3]

Mars in Pisces – Tidal Waves

USA, Oregon, Bandon Beach, Evacuation route signMy response to adversity when I was a bit younger was to shut down. I often felt overwhelmed and dealt with my problems by sleeping them off. I loved sleep because I didn’t have to think. That was my Piscean method of escapism. Sleep, and even video games for a long while. Two of my closest friends are born within ten days from me and we all have Mars in the sign of Pisces. Traditional astrology explains that the active, assertive energy of Mars is doused a bit in Pisces and I can say that there is truth in this, yet the explanation is not so simple.

I do feel that I require more rest than average and my energy level is sometimes equivalent to how I am feeling. By having a few planets and points placed in water signs in my chart, there are parts of me that ebb and flow and I certainly feel myself connected to the emotional undercurrents that exist within people and environments.  There are parts of me that can very easily sacrifice what I want in order to gain in another area, and that is the mystical strategy that Pisces possess.

Moscow Poet“In this last of the zodiacal signs is represented all of man’s helplessness, his longings, his dreams, his needs, his powerlessness in the face of the universe, his delusions of grandeur, his longing for love, his sense of a mystery or a divine source which he strives for, yet cannot wholly reach without great sacrifice.”   [2]

I was more shy and somewhat of a pacifist in my earlier days. Even today, I look at the bigger picture and don’t even waste my energy if I see no valid reason to mobilize my defenses. I used to think that my reaction to traumatic events was strange. I’m not really a crier or a screamer initially, but almost instantaneously enter a state of acceptance. Sometimes if I’m not careful, I can lose my sense of time and space when involved in something that stirs my passions.

“…But perhaps the task of every Piscean is to come to terms in some way with the transpersonal realm, and to have the courage to be its mouthpiece…”  [2]

Mars in Pisces is far from an inanimate, watery puddle. When emotionally invested in a cause like art, music, poetry, a strong belief, a creative vision or a fight for the underdog, Mars in this water sign has tidal-like force. Here, the inspirational and compassionate qualities of the final sign of the zodiac can be clearly seen.

Famous Pisceans via CafeAstrology

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Pisces), Drew Barrymore (Sun and Venus in Pisces), Kurt Cobain (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Pisces), Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan, Cindy Crawford, Billy Crystal (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces), Albert Einstein, George Harrison, Kato Kaelin (Sun and Moon in Pisces), Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Michelangelo, Aidan Quinn (Sun and Moon in Pisces), Rob Reiner (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces), Dr. Seuss, Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces), Bruce Willis

Dave Elkins was born on February 26, 1982 under the mutable water sign of Pisces.


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Sagittarius ♐ Ingress – Make Your Mark

…but a sanguine temper, for ever expecting more good than occurs, does not always pay for its hopes by any proportion of depression. It soon flies over the present failure, and begins to hope again.”

— Jane Austen (Sun ☉ and Mercury ☿ in Sagittarius ♐)

If life didn’t feel heavier than usual for you at some point during the past month, you might be one of the lucky ones! Maybe you walked a tightrope of emotional fullness as the Sun was eclipsed by the Moon in November or felt inhibited in a voracious quest for intimacy as the Sun conjoined Saturn in profound, penetrating and intense Scorpio in early October. At last, our Sun has entered expansive, optimistic, adventurous, and outspoken, Sagittarius at 3:51pm CST on November 21st and luck is a fitting theme for this open minded and goal oriented mutable fire sign characterized by the keywords, “I Seek”. Scorpio represents areas of our life where we are often (un)willingly and painfully transformed while Sagittarius is where we begin to derive deeper meaning and a broader perspective from our rough experiences. Eventually, we develop our own system of personal beliefs.

“In a sentence, at the heart of Sagittarius there lies a great craving to explore and understand life.  Whether orthodox or not, Sagittarius, like Leo, is a deeply religious sign, and the word religious is here used in its original sense:  to reconnect.  This means reconnection with the source, with the roots of life, with some sense of meaning.  Whether you find him traveling as a salesman or an archaeologist, a poet or a scholar, whatever profession or job he lands himself in.  Sagittarius is trying to broaden his scope, to enlarge his consciousness.  Life is a curious and interesting thing to Sagittarius.  It is something to be played with, explored, enjoyed, and peered into.  And ultimately, understood.” [6]

Simplified astrology books depict Sagittarius as an optimistic and lucky sign, yet are all Sagittarians so happy-go-lucky? Mass murderer, James Holmes, who shot several people during The Dark Knight Rises earlier this year inside a Colorado movie theater was born under the sign of the archer. I say this to tether some of the broad generalizations of Sagittarius that widely exist. There are two sides to every coin and each sign has its own higher expression and shadow.

Sagittarius is an intuitive, energetic and inspirational fire sign, but it is also a sign that is strongly connected to one’s mental state and personal philosophy. I’ve observed that when the optimistic, expansive and freedom oriented nature of this sign is confined; it can sometimes result in a type of depression or detachment from reality which is in stark contrast to the typically jovial, tolerant and philosophical perspective of Sagittarians. Nevertheless, I meet the energy of the archer in many of my favorite people and I am most fond of their generally positive, adventurous, excitable and philosophical nature. I’ve had some great trips and conversations about the world at large with them!

Chiron⚷ – The Wounded Healer

The constellation of Sagittarius is tied to the mythological centaurs, creatures which highlight the combination of humane and animalistic forces that symbolize human nature. As a combination of human and animal elements, centaurs allude to Sagittarius’s connection to higher meaning as a means to make sense of these conflicting forces of human nature. In myth, centaurs were generally depicted as combative, volatile, and drunken beings.

“The first and most effective race to use the horse in battle was the Scythians, skilled archers who took full advantage of its speed and height to become a race beheld in terror and awe. It is claimed that when the Greeks first saw the Scythians they believed the horse and rider to be one, giving rise to imaginative and fear-inspired tales of the war-like centaur.” [1]

This unabashed nature of the centaurs is reflective of the unevolved Sagittarian’s infamous propensity for immaturity and bluntness that may be taken as abrasive at times. It’s true that if you encounter such a Sagittarian, you may want to avoid spilling your deepest secrets to them. Of course, not all Sagittarians are combustible blabbermouths! Legend tells of one centaur in particular by the name of Chiron that was known as a valuable philosopher, teacher, and sage. In many ways Chiron embodied a bridge between man and beast, and possessed spectacular knowledge because of this. He was considered a maverick of sorts: not quite human, not quite beast, and not like the other centaurs. The story goes that Chiron was accidently wounded by a poisoned arrow, but because of his immortal nature, he could not die. Chiron’s incurable injury led him to become a great healer despite the fact that he could not heal himself, hence his association as the wounded healer.

“Sagittarius with his intuition and his vision, is often in touch with many mysteries.  He may have a deep sense, often unarticulated, that life is meaningful, that man is divine, that all things have a purpose and reach a lesson and offer growth.  But the distance between his vision of light and the limitations of being human is a vast one.  The reality of tangible, physical life is always imperfect, always in a way poisoned when compared to the vision he sees. In some strange way, this is Sagittarius’ true wound.” [6]

Sagittarius ♐ and Jupiter ♃ – Expansion and Growth

Traditional astrology deemed Jupiter, ruling planet of Sagittarius as The Greater Benefic. Where Saturn, the Greater Malefic is structured, judgmental and serious, Jupiter is expansive, tolerant and jovial. Both planets are indicative of great teachers in different ways. During transits of Jupiter, one may encounter bouts of good fortune, goal setting, or spiritual and mental growth. On the day that Jupiter was exactly conjunct my Sun, I received a phone call about an amazing internship that I completed over the summer! The positive influences of Jupiter are how Sagittarius came to be known as a lucky sign. Personally, I think there are other factors at work instead of luck.

“It’s that remarkable eye for the opportunity, that intuitive nose that can spot a potential or a possibility thirty miles away.  And also the impulsiveness, rashness, boldness, call it what you will, that gives Sagittarius the flaming nerves to try his luck, where other signs will cower in the wings waiting for something more concrete…The more introverted Sagittarian may not be found frequenting a new disco or roller skating rink.  But he’ll usually be miles ahead of everyone else with a new novel, a new philosophy, a new film, a new cultural phenomenon.  The same gifted intuition works here, but in a more interior way.[6]

In contrast, Jupiter is not always purely positive and can result in overinflated goals and opinions, overabundance and irresponsibility. With Jupiter as one’s ruling planet, there can be a tendency to overextend oneself, inclinations toward reckless and spontaneous action, and an interest in overly idealistic pursuits that may not be in accordance with reality.

Some of the mythological depictions of Jupiter help to shed light onto the nature Sagittarius. As king of the gods, Jupiter possessed a mighty temper which is a known quality of the fire signs. However, it’s often true that Sagittarians are quick to forget what fired them up in the first place. Another historical quality of Jupiter lies in his ability to shape shift. I’ve mentioned the myth of Europa in my post about Taurus in which he transformed into a magnificent white bull in order to lure her to him.

“Sagittarius loves to play roles – the more theatrical, the better.  Being caught in the same costume twice is quite horrific for him.  His restless mind is always seeking new ways to approach those goals, new costumes, new poses, new techniques.  Change, travel, constant mental stimulus, exploration of unknown landscapes – tell Sagittarius that there really is a hidden treasure under that mountain and he’ll be as happy as any Taurus with his bank account bursting.  Find a Sagittarian who’s forced to circle the same ground over and over again, perform the same routine in endless monotony, and you have found the most miserable of creatures.”  [6]

Sagittarius ♐ and House IX – Broadened Horizons

Sagittarius is also connected with the exciting and adventurous House IX in a natal chart. It is here that themes of higher education, foreign cultures, long distance travel, and belief systems are illuminated. People born with planets in this house often have an affinity for foreign cultures or might be attracted to people with different cultural backgrounds than themselves. It is also where we derive meaning from life experiences and develop our own personal philosophy. I’ve mentioned before that House VIII is where we are often transformed through crisis and House IX often carries the resulting revelations, just as Scorpio flows into Sagittarius.

 “When the hammer falls, we take out the map and look for a new frontier. There’s nothing like a distant horizon to repair a shattered soul. Whenever we reach a personal limit, after a divorce, a career gone bad, when life doesn’t turn out as we hoped it would, to the 9th house we’ll go. We’ll take a trip. We’ll return to school. We’ll seek advice from a 9th house person—an astrologer, lawyer, or priest. We’ll pray for God’s blessings. As we go through the outer 9th house motions, inwardly we’re reaching, stretching and struggling to acquire a new perspective on our world.” [3]

Sagittarius ♐ Vs. Gemini – Philosophy Vs. Objectivity

The polarity of Sagittarius and Gemini could be likened to the relationship of a student and teacher. I think that these two intellectual signs are a pair of opposites that complement each other more than other pairs. Gemini is a quick-witted and cerebral collector of information while Sagittarius exercises a knack for synthesizing what Gemini collects and providing it with true meaning. Gemini often excels at critical analysis while Sagittarius often has a much larger and more idealistic vision.

“You’ll often find that the Sagittarius man does his traveling and his wandering on a mental level rather than a physical one.  They are often the apparent intellectuals of the zodiac, devouring books, absorbing all forms of knowledge like tasty meals.  But Sagittarius isn’t an intellectual in the sense that Gemini is; he’s not prone to analyzing with a fine-toothed comb all the bits of information that come into his head.  He’s much more intuitive, and more interested in relating fields of knowledge than in dissecting them.  And his mind is speculative – whether it’s about philosophy, literature, the arts, or the stock-market.” [6]

Gemini as also represented by House III which is opposite House IX in a natal chart. House III represents the objective facts and data of the lower mind. Sagittarius in indicative of the higher mind: our own personal truth and vision that evolves from the lower mind.

“We seek truth in the 9th house. But what we get there are beliefs, an entirely different matter. Its opposite, the 3rd house, is built on facts. The 9th is knit with theories and opinions. While its ideals can open up new worlds, they can also shut our borders and lock us into conflict. ” [3]

“Perhaps it’s just this mystery that makes the 9th house so appealing–how your world can change with just an idea, a prayer, or a strange ritual. What is this power we petition here? Why has every civilization made offerings to it? How has this power poured into us as new concepts, moral guidance, art that endures for centuries? Certainly our 9th house beliefs can trap us and draw a curtain on our growth. They also can take us so far beyond ourselves that we conceive ourselves anew. That’s why mankind is so devoted to the 9th, connecting with God, searching for answers, believing in miracles. There is much in this house to ponder. And definitely much to love.” [3]

Jupiter in House I Mars in House IX – The World At Large

For whatever reason, I am an earthy Taurus born into a family nearly full of fire signs. My mother was a Leo, my brother is an Aries, and my father was born under the sign of the archer. Needless to say, I’ve experienced the combustible and ferocious tempers of each one of them! However, I’ve also seen each of them accomplish the most amazing feats and I wouldn’t be here today without the generosity and influences from of each of them.

My father was a textbook Sagittarian. He was tall, passionate about sports, religious and owned his own small claims practice for years which was also attuned to his Mars in Libra. When I was much younger, he would essentially say yes to almost anything I asked for in stark contrast to my mother. In a way, I believe this was the result of the freedom oriented values of his Sagittarian Sun. He had a habit of speaking very intensely and was a bit intimidating when fired up, but his generosity and commitment to helping others was unparalleled. He even married more than once.

Nonetheless, my father always did seem to have an eye on the future so that when he did pass, my brother and I were beneficiaries to his property. Keeping an eye on the future is one of the greatest lessons that I’ve taken from Sagittarius. Setting goals requires a certain level of hope and optimism and helps one to step outside of their current situation, if only for a second, to see things on a much larger scale. Having goals hopefully creates the belief that you will reach them and it invigorates life as opposed to  flailing around in a dull routine with both eyes on what lies before you.

I’ve spent an eventful 22 years of my life in Houston and more and more each day, I long to find a home away from home. I’ve always longed to travel abroad with Jupiter in my 1st house and Mars in Pisces in 9th, but early life never provided the resources to do so. Lately I’ve been intrigued by relocated natal charts and astrocartography maps and after noting the building inner compulsion, I briefly and correctly thought to myself that the ascendant of my next solar return chart must be in Sagittarius. There’s a grand vision of my future that is branded in my mind’s eye and it fuels me to pierce the heart of target that I’ve set for myself. To me, this is what Sagittarius is all about. So this month, ask yourself what kind of goals have you set for your future? Will you hit your mark?

Famous Sagittarians ♐ via CafeAstrology

Some Famous People with Sun in Sagittarius: Christina Aguilera (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Sagittarius), Tyra Banks, Ludwig van Beethoven (Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Sagittarius), Billy Bragg (Sun and Moon in Sagittarius), Benjamin Bratt, Harry Chapin (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Sagittarius), Dick Clark (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars in Sagittarius), Emily Dickinson (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Sagittarius), Walt Disney, Kirk Douglas (Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius), Brendan Frasier (Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius), Katie Holmes (Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius), Sinead O’Connor (Sun and Venus in Sagittarius), Ozzy Osbourne (Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius), Brad Pitt, Britney Spears (Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius),  Steven Spielberg (Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius), Ben Stiller (Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius), Marisa Tomei (Sun and Moon in Sagittarius), Mark Twain (Sun, Venus, and Mars in Sagittarius).

Damien Rice was born on December 7, 1973 under the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius


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