Born: May 4, 1990 9:44 a.m. Houston, Tx
Location: Richmond, Tx
Major: Bachelor of Science: Information Technology – Digital Media (Print, Graphic Design, Photography & Videography,  Web Design, Creativity, Leadership)
Minor: English – Creative Writing
Personal Webpage: Uranian Digital Media

“I strive to reinvent myself every now and then. ”
– ☉13°♉☍ ♇ 16° ♏

Garron Ballard is a driven and imaginative Digital Media student and young astrologer who has studied the ancient art of astrology for more than five years and has personally experienced it’s ability to help foster a deeper understanding of self and others.

In 2011, Garron joined COOG Radio, The University of Houston’s first student run radio station, and produced The Ecliptic, a college radio show combining alternative music and astrology. This foray into the realm of college radio awakened a powerful phase of creative self expression and promotion.

In addition, Garron possesses a wide array of  interests such as photography, graphic design, music, reading, writing, psychology, science, technology, art, running, gaming, astronomy, and astrology.


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