Retrograde ℞ Activate!

I would describe the past few days in three words; technical difficulties, galore! On Monday, before an interview for a major internship, the wireless card on my laptop died after four solid years. Three days later, I realize that my debit card has disappeared. After a feeble attempt to utilize my credit card to fill my empty stomach late at night, my funds are declined. These events are in stark contrast to the smooth sailing and internal ardor that has characterized my life in the past month or so. Inevitable? Yes, life is full of ups and downs. Yet, some might say that as an astrologer, I should have known! Mercury ☿ is retrograde in Pisces ♓.

Simply put, a planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. However, are planetary retrograde cycles such as Mercury retrograde the root of chaos and disorder? I have certainly observed a number of intriguing events that have occurred under the influence of planetary retrograde cycles. It is also important to note that planets do not ever move backwards. However, in astrology they appear to reverse motion when viewed from earth. The effect is similar to observing two cars traveling at different speeds on a freeway. The slower car will appear to be moving backwards despite actually continually moving forward when viewed from the window of the faster vehicle.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet associated with communication and what we would call our automatic mind. The messenger’s planet has dominion over the signs of Gemini ♊ and Virgo ♍. states the following about Mercury retrograde periods:

“Mercury retrograde tends to breed a certain level of confusion. Mercury rules our “lower” mind–how we perceive and interpret information that we receive from our environment, and how we relay that information to others. Mercury has rulership over such things as speaking, negotiating, buying and selling, listening, formal contracts, documents, travel, the mail and shipping, and so forth. All of these areas of life are affected when Mercury is functioning in a sluggish state. Decision-making is challenged during Mercury retrograde. Needless to say, it is not advised to sign contracts, engage in important decision-making, or launch a new business. Delays and challenges are more probable with Mercury retrograde. It’s a time when being careless with money, our personal information, or paperwork can be costly.”

Before a planet appears to change directions it performs what is known as a station where the observed planet seems to be at a standstill in the sky. The days in which a planet preparing to turn direct stations are considered to be days where the retrograde energy of the planet is strongest and there seems to be a bit of truth in this based on my observations. Take 2011 for example when COOG Radio, The University of Houston’s first student run radio station, was aiming to launch on August 1st right before Mercury stationed to turn retrograde for about three weeks. As a radio station, COOG Radio naturally falls within the jurisdiction of communication oriented Mercury. Interestingly enough, the station did not launch on August 1st, rather on August 29, 2011 immediately after Mercury’s retrograde period ended!

Also, shortly after Mars went retrograde in Virgo around the beginning of this year, the touch screen on my phone decided to give out after almost two years. As you can see, an important theme of retrograde cycles seems to be that “expect the unexpected”. I wouldn’t expect too many things to go as planned and it does seem that one can benefit greatly from applying caution in certain instances. During Mercury retrograde it’s a great time to tune up your car, backup files, double-check facts, or cross your T’s and dot your I’s in general.

In general, days with an abundance of retrograde energy may not be optimal for purchasing expensive technical equipment, or scheduling major life or communication related events like marriage. Amusingly enough, the infamous Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries on August 20, 2011 when Mercury was retrograde in romantic Leo ♌. They divorced after just 72 days of marriage. Theme of the event: What were they thinking?  Will you be cursed if you plan to go ahead defy the odds on retrograde dates? Most likely not. Remember that astrology is not fatalistic, but a wonderful tool for examining cycles and tendencies.  Even the most seasoned astrologer cannot consistently and accurately predict anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to put your life on hold when planets are traveling retrograde as this happens very often. Currently, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn are all traveling retrograde while Venus and Pluto will soon exchange places with Mercury and Mars over the next few months. In addition, some people born under the influence of retrograde planets have reported being unaffected by such periods. In my opinion, the tendencies of a retrograde cycle are dependent upon the specific planet’s location in the sky and the aspects it forms to other planets during its cycle.

Despite the frequent negative connotations, there is a positive side to retrograde cycles. Astrologer Lynn Koiner states this:

“The traditional statement about Mercury retrograde is that it favors anything that begins with the prefix “re-” — re-negotiate, re-vamp, re-new, re-vise, return, re-issue, re-visit, re-finance because the word retrograde itself means “to go back and retrace one’s steps.”

So if you have felt like the world is out to get you recently or like nothing is going as planned, don’t worry too much about it! Mercury retrograde ends by the end of the first week of April and Mars will turn direct shortly thereafter the next week. Hooray!

Bloc Party – Mercury (Flosstradamus Remix)


The Aries ♈ Point – Active and Animated

“I know that every good and excellent thing in the world stands moment by moment on the razor-edge of danger and must be fought for…”

— Thornton Wilder (Sun ☉ in Aries ♈)

It’s sort of odd but not surprising, really. The best way to describe how I’ve been feeling lately is that there’s a fire in my mind and soul, and strangely enough this is accurately reflected in the sky. The Sun entered the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries ♈ today on Tuesday, March 20 2012 at 12:15 a.m CST. Currently, Mercury ☿ is conjunct Uranus ♅, while both planets are conjunct my natal Venus ♀ at 0° Aries.

Astrologically speaking, Mercury and Uranus are intellectual planets very much so associated with the mind and mental activity while Venus represents tastes, values, and artistic inclinations among other things. It’s no surprise that the abundance of Arian energy has me feeling so animated. I’ve found that the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) oftentimes possess the innate ability to inspire others.

Another term for 0° Aries is known as the Aries Point. As the Sun makes it’s 360° transit each year, its passage over 0° Aries signifies the start of the sign of Aries and the beginning of Spring (Vernal Equinox). Naturally, Aries is associated with acts of birth and initiation; the initial spark of life’s essence that will be preserved in Taurus ♉. In Pisces ♓, expressed energy is more passive, diffusive, and universally conscious. While in Taurus, energy tends to be slower, stable, and materially conscious. Aries is much quicker, more impulsive, and direct while oftentimes possessing a well-developed sense of self characterized by the keywords, “I Am“.

Aries ♈, and Mars ♂, and Animation

Mars ♂, planet of action,  physical energy, sexuality, and mobilization resonates with the sign of Aries and is known as its ruler. Therefore, I propose a second set of keywords for Aries, “I Initiate“. The location of Mars in a natal chart can explain how a person expresses their anger, their desires,  basic instincts, and drive. In ancient mythology, Mars was the God of war and in a similar fashion, Arians are well equipped for conflict.

“Mars is the defiant spirit; when dignified it will show courage, fearlessness, respected leadership, the propensity to take a risk and the lover of a challenge. In this form Mars is the moral champion, ready to take up arms on behalf of others less able or willing to put their necks on the line.

When poorly placed and displaying its less noble traits, it represents needless aggression, violent eruptions, assertiveness to the point of selfishness, and the urge to take from others without due regard to their needs and well being.”

Aries ♈ and Libra ♎ – Self Vs. Other

Libra is the opposite sign of Aries and also the first sign of the zodiac that involves awareness of others, harmony, and diplomacy at best. Being ruled by Venus, the sign of Libra also represents the act of objectively relating through relationships while Aries represents awareness of self. In Greek mythology, counterparts to Mars and Venus, Ares and Aphrodite were lovers during the course of Aphrodite’s unhappy marriage to Hephaistos.

In Mapping the Psyche, Clare Martin states:

“The Aries/Libra axis concerns the struggle to find the balance between autonomy and compromise, self-assertion and cooperation, respect for the self and respect for the other.”

“Ultimately, there is no inherent meaning in being strong and independent and focused in isolation. It is much easier to gain a sense of personal fulfilment and achievement if we are fighting for a principle, such as justice, or on behalf of another person.”

I’ve grown up with an Aries sibling and have observed his deeply competitive spirit, will to succeed, and ferocious inner fire. In my Arian friends, I most admire their typical independence, iron will, excitement, and spontaneity. There’s an almost innocent simplicity and straightforwardness that is synonymous with Aries. Skyscript sums it up, best:

“If you are born under the sign of Aries, remember, the sun-sign indicates your true spirit, the heart of your being where you should find immense strength in self-expression. You should never seek to curb your natural qualities, but merely shape them and direct them into powerful, worthwhile and constructive outlets.”

“Impulsiveness, and the urge to take action is your gift and your strength,Impulsiveness, and the urge to take action is your gift and your strength, leaving the hesitating majority in shame.”

Famous Arians

Aretha Franklinn, Matthew Broderick, Reba McEntire, Diana Ross, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Hugh Hefner, Stephen Segal, Alec Baldwin, Mariah Carey, Jackie Chan, Russell Crowe, Shannen Doherty, Robert Downey Jr., Stacy Ferguson “Fergie”, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ashley Judd, Lucy Lawless, John Madden, Conan O’Brien, Sarah Jessica Parker, William Shatner, Gloria Steinem, Vincent Van Gogh, Christopher Walken.

Jonny Craig of Emarosa was born on March 26, 1986 under the sign of Aries.

Earth and Water – A Grand Trine Story

Earth and Water – Taurus ♉ and Pisces ♓

If you are familiar with the basic concepts of astrological compatibility, you might know that in general, Earth signs (Taurs, Virgo, Capricorn) and Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) signs relate well together. As a Taurus (earth) I’ve had quite a few friends born under the sign of Pisces (water). Most of my Piscean friends displayed otherworldly artistic talent to envy and each and every one of them that I can recall contained a distinct affinity for exercises of the imagination.

A beautifully articulated Article by Molly Hall on states:

“Earth signs can help the emotional Water signs find tangible outlets for imaginative gifts. Like the banks to a flowing river, the Earth sign can guide the Water sign toward a goal. Water can help Earth by softening its rigid structure. If you think of how a potter uses water to soften, and then re-shape clay on the wheel, you get the picture. Water nourishes the ground of Earth with a feeling of being cared for, and this can add a dimension of meaning to their lives.”

I’ve studied the natal charts of many musicians for my radio show, and I have to say that Neptune is certainly a powerful artistic influence in the charts of an abundance of successful artists and Pisces is among the most creative signs.

Like most astrologers, I follow the yearly path of the Sun ☉ across all twelve signs of the zodiac as the location of the Sun in a natal chart at a person’s exact time of birth determines which sign of the zodiac they are. Our Sun spends about a month in each sign, traveling at an average rate of 1° per day. Currently, the Sun, is nearing the end of its travels through the sign of Pisces and preparing to enter the sign of Aries on March 20th.

Seeing as how my own natal chart is primarily composed of planets placed in Earth and Water signs, the  recent astrological weather and the abundance of Piscean energy has been quite nice for me. I have found myself naturally engaged in an abundance of wonderful creative and imaginative projects that I will be posting here on Aphelion Blog as well.

I wrote the following about the astrological sign of Pisces on February 19, 2012:

“Pisces represents gentility, peace, transcending the ego in favor of collective needs, and is often characterized by a boundless imagination, and spiritual resolve.”

Pisces is a water sign, along with Cancer and Scorpio meaning that it is somewhat ruled by the emotional realm. While Cancer and Scorpio tend towards being  more self-protective, Pisces is indeed the most receptive to an array of emotional and/or environmental influences and this is part of what makes them such great seers. Although innately sympathetic and compassionate, the dark side of the sign includes a go-with-the-flow attitude and martyr-like behavior. However, many of the world’s unparallelled artists, and insightful visionaries were born under this highly creative, versatile, receptive, and intuitive water sign including; Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and  Michelangelo.

Positively expressed Earth energy is materially conscious, grounded, productive and practical while the opposite extreme can entail rigidity, skepticism, and too much self control.

Grand Trine Earth – Mars ♂, Jupiter ♃, & Pluto ♇

Furthermore, we have a less common aspect called a Grand Trine in the sky between the Earth Signs: Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect is indicated by the light blue triangle on the right in the center of the wheel.

Simply put, a Trine is formed when two planets are 120° degrees of each other and a grand Trine is when three planets all Trine each other. The Trine is thought to be an extremely fortunate aspect, although it is also indicative of complacency. I was born with a configuration of two Grand Trines in my natal chart in the elements of Earth and Water, also known as a Star of David and I can say that the general interpretations about Grand Trines are true.

The beginning of the Mars retrograde period this year in the sign of Virgo brought focus and determination as it formed a conjunction with my natal moon, and formed a Trine to my natal Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Uranus. Transiting Mars in my House VI (Home) also translated into a change of residence, however temporary. Despite the many fluctuations I have faced, I have managed to remain very grounded and focused.

Will Weisenfeld of Baths was born on April 16, 1989 under the sign of Aries in Los Angeles, CA.


This year I made three resolutions effective on January 1st, 2012:

1. Creative discipline
2. Self-sufficiency
3. Eliminate all things that have outlived their usefulness.

It’s now three months into 2012 and it feels good to know that I have been staying true to my personal commitments. Of course, Aphelion Blog ties in nicely with resolution number one. I’ve had the idea of creating a blog in the back of my mind for quite some time since I began my radio show, The Ecliptic, with Garron Ballard, in August of 2011 and just recently, as the Sun travels through the sign of Pisces ♓, has this event come into fruition accompanied by a torrent of inspiration and creativity.

I want this blog will serve as an outlet for my many hobbies and professional endeavors including but not limited to:

Astrology | Graphic Design | Music | Photography | Creative Writing | Technology | Science | Sci Fi

As an astrologer, I love to look at natal charts, so here is the chart for the moment Aphelion Blog was created. I quite like this chart for a number of reasons including:

  • Aquarian ♒ Ascendant (progressive and intellectual )
  • Neptune ♆ rising with Chiron ⚷, Pallas ⚴, and the Sun ☉! (creative power pocket)
  • Chart rulers Uranus ♅ and Saturn ♄ are in Houses II (money, talent, and inner values) and IX. ( meaning, higher learning, publishing)
  • Transiting Uranus ♅ and Mercury ☿ are conjunct in pioneering Aries ♈, and also conjunct my natal Venus ♀ at 0 Aries ♈. (wonderful for initiation and mental activity)
  • Moon ☾ in depth-oriented Scorpio ♏ Trine the Sun  in Pisces ♓. (I came up with the words profundity in perspective before I even realized this.)
  • Venus ♀and Jupiter ♃ conjunct in aesthetically focused Taurus ♉ (artistic, espansive, and beautiful)
  • Mars ♂ in Virgo ♍ (Technical and industrious)
  • Grand Trine in Earth Signs (Solid and Practical)

As an astrologer who often examines these charts, I tend to wonder what a human being would be like if they were born at a beautiful moment like this!